Pottery Workshop

Try your hand at ‘clay throwing’ and hand-made crafts at one of Sabukaze pottery center’s pottery workshops held regularly throughout the year. What you want to make is up to you, whether it is an everyday item or a genuine bizen ceramic! We accept groups of up to a hundred people as well as individuals coming on their own. As we offer several types of courses, you can pick the course that would suit you best depending on your experience and convenience. It is also possible to rent out the climbing kiln privately to bake your own ceramics.
*The prices below do not include the shipping fee of ceramics baked in one of our kilns. A separate fee applies. (There are no fees for anyone who come and pick it up directly at the pottery center themselves.)

Sabukaze Pottery Workshop

Every Sabukaze pottery courses consist in making, throwing and spinning your own ceramics with Sabukaze soil!

‘Do it yourself’ course
1000 yen per person
Clay amount: 500g
Electric potter’s wheel course (max 5 participants)
2500 yen per person
Estimated time: 1 hour
Clay amount: Up to 5kg
Baking fee: 150 yen per 100g (separate fee)
*Advance booking is necessary.
*There are no discounts available for this course.

Bizen Pottery Workshop

Bizen Pottery workshops are only held between August and December. Usually the baking of the ceramics will be done by early March the following year.

‘Do it yourself’ course
2000 yen per person
Clay amount: 500g

Gosu Porcelain Painting Workshop

Paint an unglazed ceramic Gosu-style! Gosu porcelain is famous for its two shades of light and dark blue. In this workshop, you get to pick a ceramic and paint, or write, at your heart’s content with these two shades.

Tea cup
Small plate (16cm)
Large plate (21cm)
Mug (max 10 people)
Normal cup (max 10 people)

Ceramic Painting Workshop

Choose five colours, pick an unglazed ceramic and paint away!

Tea cup
Small plate (16cm)
Large plate (21cm)
Mug (max 10 people)
Normal cup (max 10 people)

Pottery-Making Workshop comes to you!

An experienced instructor comes to you with all of his tools and material. Please prepare beforehand tables, chairs, and a place where the course can be held. *There are no discounts available for this course.

Do it yourself Sabukaze pottery course
Do it yourself Bizen pottery course
Ceramic painting-Gosu porcelain painting course (small plate)
*Travel Expenses ( Fee for the instructor and transport)
*Instructor fee / 2 hour workshop
  1. For a group of 20 people max: 5000 yen (one instructor)
    If the workshop exceeds 2 hours, there will be an added fee of 1000 yen per hour.
  2. For a group of 20 to 40 people max: 10,000 yen ( two instructors)
    If the workshop exceeds 2 hours, there will be an added fee of 2000 yen per hour.
*Transport fee
  • 40 yen per kilometer (the total amount will be calculated according to Google map).
  • *Maximum 40 participants.
  • *The venue should be within 25 kilometers (one way) of Sabukaze pottery center.
  • *Please make the booking by phone.
  • *Cancellation policy: If the workshop is cancelled a couple of days before the reserved date, half the price of the workshop will have to be paid as a cancellation fee.

Climbing kiln rental

It is possible to book the climbing kiln for private usage from the ‘loading’, baking to the ‘unloading’ of ceramics.

100,000 yen for a one time usage
  • For a one time usage, please keep the baking period within two weeks. In case it exceeds two weeks, there will be an added fee of 10,000 yen per day. The ‘loading’ and ‘unloading’ period is included in the fee.
  • Firewood, combustible and any other necessary items is at the charge of the renter. However, thermometers, shelves, and shelf legs are provided. Please enquire for more information. There should be enough shelves and legs provided, but in case it is insufficient, extra shelves will be borne by the user.
  • There are toilets inside the pottery center that can be used on the days and hours the pottery center is open. However, if it is closed, there are public bathrooms near by.
  • If there are any damages caused by the user’s inattention, he or she will be required to pay a compensation fee, so please be careful.
  • For any details concerning dates, please do not hesitate to contact us.
登り窯 登り窯

Important Information

To book a pottery workshop at the Sabukaze pottery center, please call us directly or fill in this booking form.
Phone number:0869-34-5680

Holidays and Closing Days
Sabukaze pottery center is closed on Mondays, the day following a public holiday and between the 29th of December to the 3rd of January. If a Monday happens to also be a public holiday or if the day following a public holiday is a Saturday or a Sunday, the pottery center will be open then.
On Tuesdays, we only accept a group of maximum 10 people for the pottery workshops. However, if a Tuesday is a public holiday as well, we accept larger groups.
Concerning the booking
For any group larger than 10 people, please make sure to book in advance.
Number of participants
In general, we accept groups from 1 individual to 100 people.
Workshop hours
*For the Sabukaze pottery, Bizen pottery ‘do it yourself’ course, the Gosu Porcelain Painting Workshop, and the Ceramic Painting Workshop:
9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00
The Sabukaze pottery and Bizen pottery ‘do it youself’ courses usually take around 1h30.
Around 30min to 1h is required for the Gosu Porcelain Painting Workshop, and the Ceramic Painting Workshop.
*For the Electric Potter’s wheel course:
9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00
Concerning group discounts
Fixed 10% discount
This fee applies if the number of participants exceeds 20 people, or if a group uses over 10 kilos of clay or more than 20 unglazed ceramics for the painting course.
Concerning the shipping of items
Once the item is unloaded from the kiln, it takes around 2-3 months to be delivered. A separate fee applies if you decide to use the express home delivery option. The fee will vary depending on the size and type of item you are sending as well as where the parcel is being sent to. For more information, please enquire at the recepetion. There are no fees if you come directly to the pottery center to pick it up.